The beginnings of Long Table Grocery

Long Table Grocery began as a partnership in 2017 between us two sisters, Amy Quarry and Jenny Moroni. We are both committed to our rural home and all the values of local food and community we were raised with and wanted to create something to support our community. As Long Table has evolved some things have changed. Now we both continue our work in community and rural development, but Jenny now focuses her full-time energy on her ranch that she operates with her partner Mike, while Amy operates Long Table full time along with her partner Will and the stellar LTG team. Even though the store is no longer a partnership formally between Amy and Jenny, it continues to be a strong community that is surrounded by a feeling of partnership, collaboration and teamwork and also still hold strong ties to our family and the home that we love.

Our history

We grew up on 40 acres that was attached to the large cattle ranch our dad worked on that was 45 km south of Quesnel. We always had a few dogs, a few horses, and a cat or two and of course a massive garden. Local and organic wasn't anything unusual, it was just dinner.  Memories of early cold mornings, waking up with our sisters in our shared room in the house our parents built, the sounds of Dad putting wood on the stove and chatting to Mom in the kitchen. We never wanted to leave the comfort of the wood stove, and were always running late for the 7:10 am schoolbus. Feeding horses, eating homemade meals around the dinner table as a family, long drives home, dirty feet and tree forts, summers spent outside, winters spent in snowsuits and mittens. Coyotes, trail rides, owls, deer, potluck dinners, dances at the community hall, neighbours in crisis, us in crisis, riding bikes down the long dirt driveway with the sun shining through the poplars. We kids were not integral to a big farm operation being successful and we were not overwhelmed with responsibility - we had the incredible experience of being helpers and joiners, we got to be observers. Of course (just ask our mother), there were also hardships in our home and for our friends and neighbours: long hours, farm accidents, barn fires, sick animals, forest fires, failed crops and more. Somehow though, the beauty and the tragedy harmonized to make the life that was ours, the life that built our roots as a family and as individuals.  Looking back now, we find ourselves wanting to recreate this kind of life for our own kids, hardships and all.

We grew up thinking our paths, our destinies would take us somewhere noble, somewhere we could shine and contribute, and frankly, we thought it would take us somewhere else.  And for a time they did.  We both took further education, worked in other cities, traveled different parts of the world, started families and have started and run different businesses, some of which we still operate. However, after and among all of these endeavours, it turns out the place we now feel most called to contribute and shine is our own hometown, with our own little business, feeding the people we care about and supporting the community that raised us.


Will, Stella & Amy

Will, Stella & Amy

About Amy

I am an entrepreneur, community-builder,  maker, graphic designer and localist. I thrive in the process of change-making, collaboration and idea jamming. I believe anything is possible and that the future is amazing. I do my best work envisioning what’s next, launching creative projects and supporting people in their entrepreneurial journey. I love my small town, and strongly believe in the resilience of a community built together. I live on a small property in Bouchie Lake with my husband and daughter and enjoy the nature that surrounds us. When we aren't working (my husband is also self-employed) we like to spend time outside, cooking for friends, playing music with our daughter and friends and traveling whenever we can.