So what's the deal with Harvest Boxes?

We have been hearing lots of questions lately about our Harvest Boxes, so we thought it was time to share a little bit on all the ways that we think they can make your life more awesome!

Here's what a few of our regular subscribers have to say about their bi-weekly boxes:

"We love getting our harvest box every two weeks. The produce is always great quality and super fresh. This means that the stuff we don’t use right away is still good when we do. We also love the variety that comes in the box. It’s a good way to try a new vegetable or dish that we may not have tried otherwise. There’s always lots of stuff, so it’s good value too." ~ Aaron + Christa

" My Harvest box subscription with Long Tale Grocery is a game changer. I spend less of my valuable time in grocery stores where I might be tempted or swayed by not-so-good food choices. My cooking skills are expanding because every once in awhile I get a fruit or veggie I’ve never used, and I love kitchen experiments! I have good intentions for meal planning, but don’t always follow through... my harvest box helps keep me on track by replenishing my healthy ingredients without me having to think about it. This also means I can’t use the old “there’s nothing to eat” excuse and just eat popcorn for dinner! I especially love that I can pause or change the box as needed, if I’ll be out of town for a week or if I have family visiting and require a larger box for a couple of weeks. Long Table Grocery really makes it easy to eat healthy, and I really love knowing who/where my food comes from! " - Tori

If it has been awhile since you have checked things out, we have made some changes over the past while to improve our subscription service that you should know about: 

  1. First - delivery is now FREE to addresses within city limits for orders over $50. Our deliveries are made on Tuesday afternoons and can be made to residential or business addresses.

  2. We have a range of boxes from a Small ($25) to a Family Box ($80) with our regular and basic boxes in the middle at $40. Our Basics box in particular has been popular with people who cook less often, but still want to have fresh organic veggies in the fridge.

  3. All produce in our subscription boxes is either certified organic or grown by local farmers we know personally who use organic and/or no-spray growing practices

  4. We have a range of options to add to your standing order including organic bread, local farm eggs, organic Canadian dairy and basic organic pantry staples.

  5. We now have a Swap Out option if your pick-up location is at our West Quesnel shop - anything you won't use, you can swap for something of equal value from our market table when you pick up your box.

  6. You can now pick up on Tuesday (3-6pm), Wednesday (11-6pm) or Thursday (11am-6pm) at our West Quesnel shop

  7. You can pick up on Wednesdays OR Thursdays at Bouchie Lake Country Store or QBREW

  8. You can now pay with debit tap or credit when you pick up in our shop, or with etransfer or paypal if you have another pick up location.

  9. You can now make changes to your account via email if you would rather not use the online shop - whatever is easier!

  10. We have deliveries available in Wells and Narcosli through some awesome local partners.

  11. As always you can pause or change your subscription at anytime for any reason.

  12. And lastly, we have always had this as a policy but just a reminder that if anything in your box doesn't meet your freshness or quality expectations, just let us know and we will credit your account!

There are two ways to set up your subscription:

  1. Just email us with the box you would like to subscribe to and we will set it up for you!

  2. Set up an account here and make your choices. Your account will not be charged until the date of the delivery.

We have been working hard to maximize the amounts, variety and freshness of the produce in the boxes and our goal is to make every one a better experience for you than the last!

We get asked a lot what we do in the winter season for produce when there is not as much available locally, and the answer is that we also source organic and Fair Trade produce from the rest of BC and the Pacific Coast through an amazing company, Discovery Organics. Our buying practices prioritize as local and organic as possible, and we always buy certified organic when we are unable to source items from the North Cariboo region. We feel confident that the produce we are able to obtain from Discovery is ethical, fresh, and certified organic. As far as our local farms, we purchase from farms who we know, and who are certified organic or who are committed to no-spray practices. We are also committed 100% to Canadian only dairy products, and Cariboo-raised meats.

One of the reasons our Harvest Box program is so important to us is that it allows us to make commitments to our farmers for the summer season that we would be unable to make otherwise. Even when we source organic produce from farther away it is contributing to the local food system by proving the capacity of the market to our local farmers, inspiring them to grow more to meet the demand we are able to show. The more confidence our farmers have in their ability to sell their crops the more committed they are to growing them and the more local produce you have access to in the future. Plus, you are supporting a local business (us!) and by extension all of the local producers and processors we purchase from regularly (over 40 local businesses so far)!

We welcome any feedback you have for us and thanks for taking the time to read this far - we know how busy life can get and we know how precious your time is! Please let me know if you have any questions about anything!

Take care friends!
XO, Amy

Amy Quarry