How often can I get groceries from Long Table?

We are open on Tuesday/Wednesday and Thursday from 12 -6. We offer bi-weekly grocery deliveries of Harvest Boxes and weekly deliveries of Salad Boxes.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver within city limits to home or workplaces. We offer free delivery for orders over $40.

We also have 3 convenient pick-up locations for your Harvest Boxes: QBREW in South Quesnel and our shop in West Quesnel at 141 Marsh Drive.

Do I have to order online?

No! If you would rather order a Harvest Box in person in the shop, or shop for groceries in person, please stop into see us on Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursdays between noon - 6pm.

What happens if I forget to pick up my box?

If your pick-up location is at QBREW you should call them first thing in the morning and pick it up as soon as possible. If your pick-up location is Long Table Grocery please call us as soon as possible at 250-983-5675.  If there are boxes left over past noon of the following day, they will be donated to a food bank or family in need. Customers are responsible for remembering to pick up their boxes.  We’re sorry but we cannot give credit for boxes that are not picked up. You can also have someone else pick up your box for you if you are unable to make it.

I am a farmer/grower and want to sell my products through Long Table. How can I do that?

Please get in touch! We are always interested in learning more about what is available locally! You can email us at or give us a call at 250-983-5675.

Do I have to be home when you deliver the order?

Yes. You do need to be home when we deliver the order to ensure that cold items are kept refrigerated and we can ensure receipt of goods. If you need to make special arrangements with us to ensure a smooth delivery please just let us know what we can do to accommodate you! You can email us (before the delivery day!) at longtablelocal @ or give us a call at 250-983-5675.

How do I add or change pick up locations, box size or how often I receive groceries?   

You may change your box size or pick up location by signing into your account. To change your location, click on the pick up site change. To change your subscription, click on the subscription change.  After choosing another subscription, be sure and delete your old one so you don't have two subscriptions in your account.  Be sure and make any changes before midnight the Sunday before the scheduled delivery. At that time, the system will lock you out and you will not be able to make any changes. If you need to reset your password, feel free to contact us at

Can I put my account on hold?

Yes.  You have until midnight the Sunday before delivery/pick-up day to put your box on hold.  If an emergency arises and you need to place a hold on your delivery after the cut off time, please contact us at 250-983-5675 or email us at and we’ll do our best to hold your delivery.  (We're all about customer service here!) Your credit card will not be charged if we are able to put it on hold before we place our orders with our suppliers. To hold a box for a specific day(s), use one or more of the three hold sections in your account.  (You may put up to 3 or more deliveries on hold in one space.)  If you need to suspend your delivery indefinitely, please contact us. We can suspend your subscription and no deliveries will be sent nor will you be charged for them until you contact us again to activate your account.

How do I cancel my subscription?   

You may stop all deliveries temporarily by contacting us to suspend your subscription.  You will not receive a delivery again until you notify us. To cancel your account and your subscription with Long Table Grocery just contact Amy at or by calling us at 250-983-5675. You may cancel at any time but you must give us notice at least 2 days before your next scheduled delivery. Please ask for confirmation back to make sure we received your cancellation.

Are Gift Boxes and Gift Certificates available for purchase?   

Yes!  We offer gifts of Long Table Grocery boxes shipped to your recipient’s home or office.  We also offer gift certificates.  Please call us to purchase at 250-983-5675 or email us at